We tried to make the SnSpy interface as simple and intuitive as possible. However, you may still have some questions at each stage of the work. To make it easier for you to find the needed answer, we divided all the questions into ten main categories. Did not manage to find the answer?

General Issues:


Frequently Asked Questions

How does SnSpy software work?

The software exploits the widespread vulnerability of the SS7 protocol of cellular networks, which allows you to intercept a packet of incoming cellular data with the Snapchat verification code. A verification code is required for the subsequent authorization of a compromised profile on the virtual Android emulator and full profile history transfer.

What is a Snapchat account monitoring session?

Monitoring session implies activated access to a hacked Snapchat account by a phone number. The session in progress means that the access to phone number was gained and the data is available for display in your personal account.

For how long I can access a compromised account?

The monitoring session displays the existing account history at the time of session launch. So, if you want to monitor account history updates, you will need to repeatedly activate the session after required time.

What information will become available after a successful launch of the session?

After a successful activation of the monitoring session, the history of compromised Snapchat account will be available in your account along with the following data:

  • QR code for account transfer
  • Complete chat and message history
  • GPS location coordinates
  • A log of audio and video calls
  • List of saved contacts
  • Attached Files

Can I authorize an account on my own device?

Yes, just open Snapchat Web in the application and scan the provided code with your smartphone camera. However, in this case, your device will be displayed among active sessions and there is a possibility that the account holder will detect the monitoring session.

Do I need to prepare my device before activating SnSpy?

The SnSpy operating mechanisms do not require preliminary preparation and configuration of both your and your victim’s device. You just need to launch the session by specifying the phone number in international format. All compromised data will be displayed in your account and you can access them via the Internet browser of any device.

The Section Billing: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the “Available Sessions” section mean?

The “Available Sessions” section displays the difference between the number of purchased and used sessions. For example, after you buy a Business package containing five sessions and then launch a monitoring session for one Snapchat number, you will have 4 active sessions left.

Why are funds credited in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a completely anonymous and most convenient way to replenish account balance. Encryption mechanisms fully protect the sender and receiver of the payment from the possible identification and control of personal data. The absence of geographical and tax restrictions will allow you to instantly replenish account balance worldwide without commissions and tax deductions.

How long it takes for the funds to be credited to SnSpy?

The time for crediting funds depends on the following factors:

I have accidentally credited more funds than required, how do I make a refund?

Refund process is not automated yet you can send the related request to the customer support and it will be considered in priority order.

What information will become available after a successful launch of the session?

After a successful activation of the monitoring session, the history of compromised Snapchat account will be available in your account along with the following data:

  • QR code for account transfer
  • Complete chat and message history
  • GPS location coordinates
  • A log of audio and video calls
  • List of saved contacts
  • Attached Files
  • Operating speed of selected cryptocurrency
  • The current workload used by Blockchain
  • Commission size

Can I use only a part of the package, for example, the one related to the user messaging?

Any information provided on SnSpy is stored in the history of the compromised account. To extract it, you need to restore and decrypt the full account history therefore each package contains only a full profile history.

What if I credited insufficient funds for launching one session?

If you credited insufficient funds, don't worry. Just send the missing part and we will combine these transfers for you. You can also make transfers from several wallets/accounts if necessary.

The section User Messaging: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantees can I get, can I see a piece of messaging?

We do not provide free accesses and samples of messages. To provide a sample, we need to perform a full operation cycle, which implies a certain level of depreciation of equipment and related costs. Our guarantee is the decent reputation in the segment and hundreds of positive reviews published in open sources.

For what period of time will user messages be available after session launch?

SnSpy working mechanisms allow you to restore the history of a compromised Snapchat account from a backup. That is, you will receive a full history of all the chat since registration date of the victim's account.

Can I read deleted messages?

Unfortunately, deleted chat threads like individual messages are not saved in the account history, so their recovery is impossible.

Will I be able to correspond on behalf of the victim?

To chat on behalf of the victim, you will need to transfer the compromised account to your device. For this, the QR code is available in your account. You will need to go to Snapchat Web and point the device’s camera at the intercepted code. Please note that after this, you significantly increase the risk of detecting a monitoring session.

The section The Location: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

How are Snapchat and location information related in between?

Snapchat has a built-in “share location” function therefore the messenger saves information about the last visited GPS coordinates in the history of each account. Using operating mechanisms, SnSpy can restore a complete account history, including the latest information about device location.

How accurate is the displayed geolocation point?

In the trial version of SnSpy, the coordinates are displayed at the regional level. To remove the restriction, you need to replenish the balance and launch the session. If there is an ongoing active session, the deviation from the displayed coordinates does not exceed 10 sq.m.

I see the wrong location, what does it mean?

Snapchat transmits location information only when the geolocation service is active on the user's device. If services are disabled, you won’t be able to get location-related information. However, this does not affect the rest of the SnSpy functions, which will be received in full if there is an active session going on.

I activated several sessions at once, how can I see the location of each account?

You can see location-related information on each active session in your Dashboard. For this, several numbered points are marked on a map. The number of each point corresponds to the number of the active session.

The section Account Recovery: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

I activated the session, how can I restore my account?

After activating the session, a QR code to restore the profile will be available in your account. You will need to go to the Snapchat Web section and scan the received code with the camera of your device, and then the account will be completely transferred and can be managed.

I lost the device, how can I use this feature?

SnSpy also retrieves information about the current location. This can be extremely useful for detecting a device with activated geolocation services and present SIM card.

Why to restore an account through SnSpy if you can restore your SIM card for free from a mobile operator?

There are a number of cases where SIM recovery through a mobile operator is not possible. For example, the subscriber is located outside the territory of the state where the service was connected. Or the SIM card is issued to another person's name and its recovery is not possible at the moment. These cases will significantly limit account recovery with standard methods. In these and other similar cases, it is recommended to use SnSpy as the fastest and most efficient method of account recovery.

What if the backup feature was disabled in Snapchat?

If the backup function is disabled, account access will be fully restored without history transfer. You can continue to use it, but you won’t be able to view the profile history. However, people rarely tend to manually disable the backup services.

The section Contact List: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

After activating the session, the contact list is not available, why is it so?

This error can occur if the owner of compromised account has banned the transfer of contact information to the Snapchat application. In this case, the history will not be displayed in the backup.

How to quickly save compromised contacts?

To quickly save the list of received contacts, you need to go to your SnSpy account and download the archive of files from the corresponding section.

The section Attached Files: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of provided archive?

The amount of data depends on what type of files and how often they were transmitted and received through a compromised account. Snapchat does not limit a number of files stored in a backup. According to the statistics, the backup usually contains about 2 GB of information.

How safe is it to upload an archive of user files?

Before being sent to the archive, each file is checked by the antivirus, which makes it completely safe to download. Moreover, you don't need to download the files as you can view them directly from your Dashboard.

I can’t download the archive to the device, why is it so?

Most likely, your device does not have enough free space or uses a weak Internet signal, which can be insufficient for download of large-sized files. Troubleshoot and try again.

I can’t open the archive on the device, why is it so?

The archive is generated in .zip format. Most likely, you need to install additional software on the device to extract it. If you are still struggling to extract the content, you can always view the list of files through your account without downloading.

The section Call Log: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check the content of an audio or video call?

Unfortunately, the call record is neither stored in the account history nor on the Snapchat server. Therefore, you can't access this feature.

Where are the names in the call log coming from?

Registering an account, each Snapchat user can assign a login for his profile. These names are displayed in the call log. If instead of a name, you see a phone number, the user has not assigned a name for his profile.

Can I make calls on behalf of a compromised account?

You can make calls on behalf of a compromised account if you transfer it to your device using the QR code received on your Dashboard. However, in this way you significantly increase the risk of detection and disclosure of a monitoring session.

The Section Affiliate Program: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I promote SnSpy?

When you join the affiliate program, you will receive a unique referral link that you can use to promote SnSpy. Place the link wherever other users can see it: you can do it on your personal website, blog or social network. Leave the link in the comments under the themed posts. Share it on various channels of Snapchat, Viber or Telegram. Post the link on social networks like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn?

You can earn unlimited amount of the rewards. The amount of earnings depends on your personal skills and enterpreneurial spirit. Using an easy-to-use dashboard, you can monitor the amount of your income at any time and initiate a withdrawal of funds.

How do we track campaign progress?

We use cookies to track the clicks on a text link that matches your profile. We get information about the actions and sales for your referrals from the transmitted files. To access the link, just log in to your personal account

How to track campaign progress?

Each referral must use a unique link that matches your account. Data on the behavior of each referral is tracked using cookies. You can view the behavior history of each referral in the SnSpy control panel in real time.

Why are withdrawals made in cryptocurrency?

Given the principles of SnSpy algorithms, anonymity of software customers is a priority. Cryptocurrency can be sent to a generated address that is in no way associated with your identity. In addition, cryptocurrency payments are not pursuant to any existing taxes and are credited almost instantly.

Privacy Issues


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a victim notice that his account was compromised?

Account's monitoring session with SnSpy can be detected only if you completely transfer the victim’s account to the new device or perform actions on his behalf. Then, in the Snapchat Web section, your device will be displayed among the active ones. In all other cases, the monitoring session is completely invisible to the account holder.

What is the most anonymous way to replenish an account?

Any of described ways to replenish the balance is anonymous when used correctly. To date, the most confidential and liquid way to do it is the Monero cryptocurrency. The CryptoNote protocol the blockchain is built on ensures the complete protection of transaction participants from possible identification.

I lost the password for the SnSpy profile, how to recover it?

Administration does not have access to the user passwords. Therefore, they cannot be recovered since such information is stored using the end-to-end encryption. In this case, you have to register a new profile.