Recover Access to Snapchat Profile

Reset Password without Contacting Customer Support

Once the target account has been hacked, you will get access to the following data packages:
  • check Password recovery without access to a phone
  • check App users can view the messages offline
  • check Get access to current geolocation of device
  • check The software creates the archive of all content
  • check Account database downloaded to the device

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use.

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  • 18 Nov.
    Snapchat 21:35

    Confirmation code: 84492
    Don't give the code to anyone, even if it is requested on behalf of Snapchat!

    This code is used to sign in to your Snapchat account. It is never needed for anything else.

    If you didn't ask for a login code, ignore this message.

    Signing in from a new device.
    We detected logging into your account from a new device on 18/11 at 17:35:11 UTC.

Snapchat Account Recovery
via the Online SnSpy application

Snapchat developers have enabled the feature of restoring a profile by phone number. It can be quite useful when the user has forgotten his username or password and cannot log in to the account. After sending the corresponding request, a system SMS with a special set of characters is sent to the number linked to the account. Entering this code in a special form confirms the right to access the profile.

Confirmation code

Password Recovery without Access to Phone Number

Once the software has logged in to the target account on the virtual device, it will generate a random password, create a new Snapchat password, and duplicate it in the "Authorization Data" tab of the SnSpy's Dashboard. The user can use this password to log in to the compromised account and then change it later on. The new password will not be saved to the SnSpy database.

Login Details for Authorization to Compromised Account
Interception of a System Message

Interception of a System Message

For Target Profile Recovery

Authorization code is a unique set of characters specified in the service SMS. This code helps to restore the Snapchat account. The software intercepts the system message, transfers the account to a new device or emulator in this case, and exports full account history.

Archive of Snaps and Other Data

All audio recordings, photos and videos used on a compromised account to create voice and video messages, Snaps, Stories and Memories can be viewed online on the Dashboard or downloaded to a user's device. In addition, SnSpy stores photos and videos in a separate archive in the original format as they were uploaded to the Snapchat database before their processing.


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Device Requirements

SnSpy software is compatible with all widely used mobile systems such as iOS, Android, Windows as well as with Windows and MacOS. The application can be easily used from a smartphone, a tablet or PC. To ensure steady application performance, stable Internet connection and a modern browser version are required. The software operates on a third-party hardware, so that it can run quickly even on the devices with a small RAM memory.

  • Account Database Can Be Downloaded to a User's Device

    Despite the fact that users can view snaps, all related information along with attachments is permanently stored in the Snapchat database. SnSpy is a unique solution that saves all the content to a third-party server. Thus, application users can do even more with this content than the target account owner.

  • Accessing the Current Geolocation of Compromised Device

    This feature will be useful for those whose phone has been lost or stolen. If the target Snapchat profile is authorized on the device, GPS is enabled, and the device can receive a cellular signal, the user will be able to locate the device. If the device has been turned off, the software will determine the coordinates of the place where the device last received a cellular signal.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to recover Snapchat password with SnSpy?

It usually takes around 15 minutes to regain account access.

Can my current location affect the ability of software to restore access to Snapchat account?

No, SnSpy can restore access to Snapchat account no matter where you are.

How to hack someone else's Snapchat account?

You can do this by using the features of online application to access and control the target profile.

Each pricing plan includes this and other app features.

The procedure is completely safe. However, to log in to the account for the first time after access recovery, we recommend using a device on which you have already logged in to your Snapchat account before.

Will I be able to track the location of my lost smartphone with disabled GPS?

As a rule, smartphones update geolocation data even with GPS turned off, but data accuracy can be much lower in this case.

Will I be able to remotely log out of Snapchat account on my lost smartphone?

Yes, to do this, use the Sign out feature on all the devices on your SnSpy Dashboard.

How to determine someone else's location via Snapchat?

SnSpy can help you track the current location of Snapchat user and create the travel routes in real time.