Track Snapchat Location Online

Geotracking without Accessing the Target Device

Once the target account has been hacked, you will get access to the following data packages:
  • check Keep tracking Snap Map locations online
  • check Monitor all travel routes of a target user
  • check Get history of previously created geotags
  • check View log of visited places with coordinates
  • check Use login details for compromised account

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use.

SnSpy: Snapchat Current Location Hack
Hacking Someone Else's Snapchat Account | SnSpy

Once Snapchat has been hacked, the following data will be available:


User's Current Location

The SnSpy's Dashboard has an integrated card optimized for location tracking in real time. For the sake of convenience, to determine the current location via Snapchat from a smartphone, the map opens in a separate browser tab. It operates in the background mode to prevent overloading the RAM memory of mobile device. If necessary, the geotag can be opened and saved in Google Maps or other popular map services.


Tracking and Travel History

Once Snapchat has been hacked, the software scans and displays all the previously created geotags on the Dashboard. Moreover, the Dashboard interface will reflect all the past and future GPS coordinates that the Snapchat app tracks and stores in account history. The content of saved data packet depends on the permissions that individual user grants to Snapchat on their device. This app feature is adapted for the users who need to find or track the location of a lost or stolen smartphone.

The Log of Visited Addresses with Coordinates

Location coordinates

The Log of Visited Addresses with Coordinates

All the addresses, where target account user has created the geotags, are saved in a separate archive. SnSpy user will get the addresses in the following format: Country, Area, Street, Number of Building, Zip code. The software will also provide the coordinates for each address. The address log can be viewed online on the Dashboard or downloaded to the device in a CSV file. When viewing the address, a customer will also see the content that was published by a target user in this certain place. When opting to download the content, app user will get a link in a separate cell of the CSV table to view the content in the browser.

Authorization in the device

Login Details for Authorization to Compromised Account

All the SnSpy users will get the login details for a compromised account. Login and password can be used to gain full control over the target account and manage compromised profile. Additionally, SnSpy users will be able to post the content on behalf of the account owner or completely delete the page. However, we warn you in advance that any attempts of this kind may lead to the loss of access to the target account if social media security system identifies login attempt from suspicious device.

Login Details for Authorization to Compromised Account

Tracking Locations via Snapchat has the Following Benefits:

  • Steady and Fast Performance

    It takes from the software about 15 minutes to hack a Snapchat account. This is the fastest result on the spyware market today. At the same time, the power of equipment used for technical support of SnSpy allows us to ensure steady high speed and accuracy of data processing even under maximum loads.

  • Transparent Policy

    SnSpy's Privacy Policy guarantees that all the received and processed user data will be safe and shall not be disseminated to any third parties. Moreover, we do not use algorithmic advertising services to promote a product, and we guarantee that your data won't be used to create marketing audiences or launch remarketing.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Our customers can replenish SnSpy account via the most popular payment systems and e-wallets. They can also use cryptocurrencies to pay for our services to ensure full anonymity. SnSpy users can also choose the suitable pricing plan to pay less for simultaneous launch of several hacking sessions.

  • How Snapchat Tracking Works

    To track current location and travel history through Snapchat, you need to launch a profile hacking session via the SnSpy interface. Once the software has hacked a target account, the full account history along with the marked geopositions and SnapMap locations will be transferred to your Dashboard. The server will synchronize with the Snapchat database every 300 seconds and display the actual GPS coordinates in real time. You can also download a table of the archive of locations recorded after the launch of hacking session.


Frequently Asked Questions

How accurately does the software display geolocation via Snapchat?

As a rule, SnSpy displays geolocation with the maximum accuracy, but the operational error of up to 2 sq. m. may be allowed.

Will I be able to track a user's location if his phone is disabled?

If a user's phone is disabled, SnSpy will display its last location before disabling the device.

What is the maximum number of geotags and addresses stored in a single SnSpy account database?

We do not limit the number of geotags and addresses as well as the storage of any other data.

Is it possible to simultaneously track the travel routes of several users?

Yes, if you simultaneously launch several geolocation tracking sessions, the map will display the travel routes of all the hacked users. In total, no more than 5 monitoring sessions can be simultaneously launched from one SnSpy account.

Will I be able to see deleted and hidden geotags?

Yes, deleted and hidden geotags are stored in the Snapchat database, and therefore can be viewed along with all the other data types.