Online Tool for Tracking of Hacked Account

Track Hacked Account Activity

SnSpy™ update #3.1: Now you can launch the monitoring session by specifying username
Once the target account has been hacked, you will get access to the following data packages:
  • check Start monitoring hacked account activity
  • check Track incoming messages and calls
  • check Get the full database of all user posts
  • check Snapchat spy track user's geolocation
  • check Record voice calls and video conferences

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use.

SnSpy software ensures steadily tracks the following information:

Once a Snapchat account has been successfully hacked, SnSpy will update the account database in real time. Having the only one browser tab open, you can keep tracking when the hacked user was online, which profiles s/he viewed and which posts s/he reacted to. All actions are saved in the Activity Log that can also filter and sort the actions by time or type of activity.

  • Dany

    Hello, my dear!

  • Dany

    My husband is acting pretty weird and texting with some girl

  • Me

    Can you tell me if it's possible to read the correspondence on Snapchat?

  • Me

    Ha ha😂.

  • Dany
  • Me

    When I was following Sasha, I used this resource.

View Incoming Messages, Calls and Subscriptions

Enter your phone number or username to run

The Activity Log also displays all the actions of other Snapchat users linked to the account being spied on along with the messages, Stories and Memories the target user was tagged in, calls, subscriptions, and reactions to posts. All the data along with attachments are copied to the SnSpy database and can be viewed online or downloaded almost instantly.

Snaps, Memories, Stories

All Snaps, Stories and Memories ever posted by the user are saved to the SnSpy database, regardless of whether they can be viewed on the Snapchat interface. Application users can see the history of changes and original data of every single post. SnSpy also stores data about the filters and masks used to create the post.

Monitor Snap's Geotags and Locations

Track Snapchat User's Travel Routes

A thorough analysis of geodata transforms SnSpy from a Snapchat tracking app into a full-fledged spyware. The clients can access the history of geotags as well as view posts published in a given location. Geotags are also saved in the Address Log along with the address of a building closest to the geotag and the coordinates of location. All new travel routes of a user are displayed on an interactive map. SnSpy guarantees high-precision tracking of a user's location with a time delay of no more than 3 seconds.

The Log of Visited Addresses with Coordinates
The Time and Duration of Calls

Voice Calls and Video Conferencing

Having detected an incoming or outgoing call, SnSpy lets client connect to a wiretapped call on a virtual device. Hence, application user can anonymously and safely access the broadcast. The broadcasted voice or video call can be recorded and saved in the SnSpy database. The client can check the call again or download it to the device in MP4 file format upon completion of the broadcast.

Main Features of Web Application

  • Warranty

    Relying on steady and quick application performance, we can guarantee a positive outcome. Please kindly check our user reviews. We also do not accept advance prepayment. Our customers only pay after successful creation of a user archive and its verification with the built-in antivirus.

  • Confidentiality

    We ensure the maximum anonymity by means of using advanced developments in the field of cybersecurity. Confidential customer data undergo several end-to-end encryption stages to fully eliminate the risk of information leakage. Authorization password acts as a decryptor, and only account owner knows that password.

  • Security

    Once Snapchat account has been hacked, the software will create the user archive, scan it with the built-in antivirus for malicious attachments and make it available for download to the client. Using our software, you won't have to install any additional suspicious software to benefit from the web application in full.

  • Customer Support

    We created FAQ section to help our clients find the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the use of SnSpy. If you didn't not find the answers you were looking for, you can always contact our Customer Support. Our experts process user requests 24/7.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the software display tracked data with a delay?

The database is updated in real time. As a rule, new data are displayed with a delay of about 3 seconds.

What hardware and software do I need to start tracking someone else's profile with SnSpy?

You only need your device with installed current version of one of the popular browsers. Our equipment and servers will take care of the rest.

Can compromised users or Snapchat security system identify call wiretapping?

It is not possible because we use a third-party interface to wiretap the call. In fact, you will get indirect access to the broadcast of the call data from the virtual device.

Can I simultaneously track the activity of several Snapchat users?

Yes, you can launch additional monitoring session on your SnSpy Dashboard. Also, if the user you are about to hack is in the list of friends or subscribers of an account that you have already hacked, you can use the Quick hack feature.

What can I do to improve the security and anonymity of monitoring procedure?

In fact, you don't need to do anything! SnSpy ensures full confidentiality of your data and offers anonymous monitoring. To anonymously use our software, you can also pay for the services with cryptocurrency.