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SnSpy™ update #3.1: Now you can launch the monitoring session by specifying username
Once the target account has been hacked, you will get access to the following data packages:
  • check A full list of incoming/outgoing text messages
  • check The archive of audio and video chat attachments
  • check Information about the sender/recipient of messages
  • check Downloadable ZIP archive of audio/video messages
  • check A full log of incoming and outgoing calls

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use.

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Hack Snapchat Remotely

To complete the Snapchat profile registration procedure, a new user has to indicate a phone number to be linked to a newly created account. If a smartphone or a SIM-card gets lost, system SMS message with a verification code required to transfer the profile to a new device will be sent to the specified number. SnSpy ™ exploits the vulnerability of the SS7 protocol and intercepts the service SMS containing the authorization code required for Snapchat account recovery. This unique set of characters makes it possible to transfer the target profile to an emulator, which is the part of the SnSpy™ ecosystem and acts as a new device. After that, the software creates user archive on the Dashboard, which includes incoming and outgoing text messages, audio and video call logs, current GPS location coordinates, and published content (Snaps, Stories and Memories).


SnSpy is a cross-platform application. This is the main advantage of this software. The application can be used with all major types of devices such as a smartphone, a tablet, and PC, and works with operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. Thanks to a well-designed web application interface, even the novice Internet users can quickly learn how to use this software. Before launching a session, you need to ensure steady Internet connection and install the latest version of web browser. The software runs on a remote server, and application performance is directly controlled via the website. Here you can also download the user archive generated after Snapchat hacking. The provided archive of data is checked by the built-in antivirus for malicious attachments therefore it can be safely downloaded to a customer's device. Please make sure that you have enough free space on the hard disk as the package of files can take over 2GB of disk space. SnSpy ™ is a high-tech online tool that offers the following data:

  • Dany

    Hello, my dear!

  • Dany

    My husband is acting pretty weird and texting with some girl

  • Me

    Can you tell me if it's possible to read the correspondence on Snapchat?

  • Me
  • Me

    When I was following Sasha, I used this resource.

Chat History and Snaps

Full chat history since account registration

The Snapchat account displays all messages that account owner has ever sent and received. New messages will almost instantly appear on the SnSpy Dashboard asthe software updates the database in real time. You can view messages online or, if necessary, download them to your device.

Information about Other Chat Participants

In addition to information about the hacked user itself, SnSpy can also download all information open to the account owner about those with whom he is chatting: his username, phone number, avatar, number of friends and subscribers, and registration date. The application keeps track of all changes in the user profile and updates the information in the software database.

Files and documents

The archive of audio/video chat attachments

Even though the clients can view snaps, all the related information along with attachments is permanently stored in the Snapchat database. SnSpy is a unique solution that saves content to a third-party server. Thus, application users can do much more with the data than the owner of target account.

All Audio and Video Messages in a Single Archive

Once the target account has been hacked, all the audio and video content will be permanently stored in the user's personal cloud. Customers can download messages to their device as a ZIP archive or check and view it online by means of the SnSpy built-in player. Please note that both types of messages will be converted to MP4 files during download.


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The Time and Duration of Calls

Incoming outgoing calls

The Time and Duration of Calls

The log of voice and video calls is a complete archive of data related to the calls. From this log you will find out when the calls were made, and how long they lasted. You will also get access to the phone numbers of everyone target account owner was in touch with. The call log can be downloaded to customer's device. In this case, it will be converted into a CSV table.

The History of Group Chats and Contacts of All Participants

Apart from standard set of features available for regular correspondence, the database of group chat also contains information about chat administrators, deleted users and all the messages they have ever sent, as well as phone numbers of all the former and current chat users.

Software exploits the vulnerability of SS7

The app initiates the account recovery process and intercepts the SMS with passcode sent by Snapchat Customer Support.

Having gained access to the entire database, SnSpy authorizes the hacked account on the virtual device, copies the account database and deploys it in a third-party interface, that is, on a customer's Dashboard.

Hacking Multiple Accounts

All the SnSpy application users can simultaneously hack multiple accounts.

Moreover, paying for several simultaneous hacking sessions, the app users will pay less for a single hacking session. Please check our pricing plans.

Can I read Snapchat messages with SnSpy?

To read the Snapchat correspondence, you just have to launch the hacking session via the Dashboard. Usually, it takes the software around 10 minutes to complete the job. We currently updated the software version to let the customers simultaneously launch several monitoring sessions. Having incorporated this feature, we were able to reduce the waiting time, simplify the monitoring model and offer additional discounts.

The main principle of SnSpy is based on the automated exploitation of common SS7 vulnerability of mobile operators. Using this feature, app users can read Snapchat correspondence remotely, that is, without having to access the target device. This is what makes SnSpy stand out among the alternative solutions. The digital core of software does not interact with the Snapchat application, making SnSpy ideally compatible with all the types of devices.
This is what makes SnSpy the most trusted Snapchat hacking tool.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see deleted messages?

Yes, deleted messages are stored in Snapchat's database, and therefore they can be viewed along with all the other data types.

Will I get access to the databases of the members of group chats the hacked user participates in?

You will get access to all the public data of chat participants. To gain access to the complete user database, you can use the Quick Hack feature to launch a new monitoring session.

Is it possible to download the chat attachments?

Yes, all the files sent and received by hacked users will be available for download.

In what formats can I download the text, voice, and video messages?

Text files are available for download in TXT format. Voice and video messages will be downloaded as MP4 files.

How long does it take from the software to hack Snapchat messages?

Hacking the correspondence of target account takes around 15 minutes.